Around the house

I realized the other day that it’s taken me so long to feel ‘moved in’ because it’s not just that I moved really far away to a completely new life, but that I haven’t had time to do much of anything around the house for the last few months. I basically went from my wedding in September to Spain to Erin’s wedding to Halloween-California-Thanksgiving-move-boom! All the sudden it was Christmas and I finally had time to process everything that happened in 2010. It was a pretty amazing year, and I especially loved getting to see three of my best friends get married, too.

So after our trip to see the redwoods I got to work on some long unfinished projects. One thing I had really wanted to do was change my button sign to a knit sign. People at craft shows loved the button sign and commented on it a lot, but it had gotten ripped and damaged in transit, and I just had this vision of a sign made of yarn that would complement my knitted goods. So I’ve been working on that, and it looks really good.

It’s actually more finished than this, I just want to repaint the frame before I put it all together and do the big reveal.

Next I want to make some more of those crocheted hangers (I got new colors), and I might make some fingerless gloves out of the alpaca yarn I got in the mail the other day from Mike’s aunt.

I’ve also been dying to read a book. I’ve had this stack of half-read books in my bedroom for ages, and I’m determined to get them read and move onto something else. Maybe the Stieg Larsson books? There was a great article about him in Rolling Stone, and it piqued my interest.

I’ve been reading this book by the same author as one of our book club reads. I was pretty disappointed in “A Secret History”, but I actually like this one a lot better.

Mike’s been reading his Christmas gift from me, the first part of Mark Twain’s autobiography.

It’s huge! But Mike totally has the patience to get through ultra thick books.

Also, this has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought it was kind of funny that I can turn my new curling iron up to 11. Actually I can turn it up even higher than that!

But anyway, back to the house. I finally got almost all of the framed photos that have been in boxes up on the walls. While I was doing that I discovered these prints from Spain that I need to frame.

And when our honeymoon prints come in the mail I can finally call wall decorating finished.

Finally, I also started experimenting with dyeing rope for rope rugs. It turned out that the rope I was planning to use doesn’t take dye well, so I have to go to Plan B. But now I can order the right materials and get started experimenting with patterns.

So, that’s item #18,000 checked off my to-do list, and I’m starting to welcome myself back to the real world!

Last night we met up with a friend from college, who took us to the San Francisco Tape Music Festival.

I had no idea what to expect. I just heard it was like ambient music that you listened to in the dark. And that’s pretty much what it was. But I felt like it was one of those things that I would never do if I lived anywhere else, so I’m glad I went.

We also discovered this really great gem of a sushi restaurant in the Mission called Minako. It was tiny-tiny, but had great reviews on Yelp. They specialize in vegetarian and allergy-friendly sushi, and every roll came with brown rice instead of white. Usually I don’t like imitation meats, but I loved the spicy vegan eel roll, which was a total surprise. It seems like there are a lot more so-so restaurants here because there are just a lot more restaurants here. But when you find a good one it’s really good.