Cleanse, day 4

I still haven’t technically started the cleanse part of the cleanse yet, but I’ve definitely changed my eating habits in a big way this week.

The biggest thing I notice (and it was the same when I tried a raw foods experiment) is just how colorful every meal is. I think if you take nothing else away from something like this, it should just be to try to get more color into your diet.

I’m not gonna lie, the shake I had for breakfast the first two days was pretty gross. The ingredients sounded good: almond butter, peaches, and cardamom. But the consistency was sort of watery and weird, and the cardamom was way too potent.

Day three I tried a berry smoothie, which tasted much better. You have to be careful with those blueberry bits, though. They get stuck in your teeth! Maybe if I had a VitaMix…

The best smoothie by far was the one I made this morning (sorry, I drank it before I remembered to take a photo). I decided to improvise rather than using a recipe, and I came up with frozen mango chunks, homemade coconut milk, a bit of agave nectar, and flax seed meal. Mango has just the right consistency for a smoothie, and the flax seed gives it a little more body and protein. I will definitely make it again.

I’ve also made some really yummy veggie stir-fries with brown rice that I will make again.

I’m thinking about trying my own sushi, too. The only dinner that was a total fail was last night. I tried making buckwheat noodles, and they came out one giant gummy mass. Blech.

The big challenge will be the weekend. It’s Mike’s birthday, and I know we’ll eat out. I’ve already been feeling more energetic and less hungry in the afternoons, though, so I’m hoping that holding on to that feeling is more important than indulging.