Kale chips

Did you know you can buy kale chips in a package just like regular chips?

I haven’t tried making my own yet, because I usually use up all my kale in the juicer. But I thought I’d try these when I needed a Superbowl snack option, and they were pretty tasty. The chili-lime coating definitely helped them seem more like snack food.

I also sliced my first mango this morning. Can you believe I’ve never actually bought a fresh mango before?

I put it in a breakfast smoothie, but it definitely didn’t achieve the same shake-like effect that frozen mango chunks have. I think I’ll stick to fresh mango for salsas or eating plain.

I’m now on week 4 of my cleanse, and I feel pretty great. I don’t need as much sleep at night, my pants are loose, and I almost never feel hungry during the day, despite eating way less than I used to. I’m starting to get into a routine with shopping and cooking. Eating out remains a challenge, but at least it’s easier here where most restaurants offer brown rice instead of white and have much smaller portions.

Another mood booster – it has been absolutely gorgeous here for something like 3 straight weeks, with some days of near-record highs. My neighbor’s tree is actually blooming in our backyard. It feels like spring!