Happy Valentine’s Day

Even though it’s kind of a gloomy day here and I couldn’t get a great picture, I wanted to show you what Mike got instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day.

It’s an orange tree!

They’re mandarin oranges, so they’ll be pretty small, and I’m not sure if we’ll get any this spring or not. But there’s tons of buds on it, and it’s a great addition to our teeny yard, which needed a little something special.

I’ll also be enjoying this gloomy day with my new tea set.

I ordered it from Delight.com when I found out they were closing shop and offering a 40 percent discount. I just can’t believe they won’t exist anymore. I loved ordering gifts (especially for myself!) from their great selection.

Speaking of good places to order things online, have you ever ordered anything from Purl? I got some new knitting needles and they were sweet enough to include some extra yarn samples.

The more I looked at them the more I saw a little cup cozy in there. So I made one.

I spilled a little coffee on the one I’ve been carrying in my purse, so this is my trusty replacement.

I’ve been knitting (and crocheting) up a storm lately, so I’ll have more projects to share soon.

Hope you are enjoying this day with the sweethearts in your life!