Last day of the cleanse

I can’t believe I’m almost done with my cleanse. This morning I had my orange-est breakfast yet.

I was almost out of produce so I just made apple-carrot juice (3 big carrots, 2 apples). It was pretty tasty.

I don’t think things will vastly change tomorrow, as I plan to keep eating pretty much the same. The only thing I’m dying to do is add back some acidic foods. I can’t tell you how much I miss bananas!

Speaking of bananas, have you downloaded these Valentine fruit stickers yet?

I’m not gonna say that any food is totally completely off-limits, but my goal is to cut out refined sugar, white rice or bread, dairy products, and as many processed foods as possible. I’ll probably still have juice for breakfast, then regular meals for lunch and dinner.

We’re having pecan-crusted tilapia, veggies, and dark chocolate-dipped strawberries for our Valentine’s Day treat. No conversation hearts, no Reese’s hearts, no red velvet cake this year. It’s very tempting, but I think I can resist.

I’m trying to make some adjustments around the house to facilitate healthy eating. I got rid of our butter dish, and turned the cookie jar into a jar of quick oats for oatmeal.

I want to go to World Market and get some more glass jars to keep lentils, beans, quinoa, and the like in. I’m thinking it will help if I open up my pantry and see all these cute jars of healthy foods lined up rather than a mess of half-full bags of things.

I also went through my recipe binder and took out all the desserts and super-rich recipes — everything that I’d now call a really special occasion recipe — and put them in a different binder. That gave me an excuse to go to Target and get a new cute one!

I had cut all of these articles out of magazines about healthy meal and snack ideas, so I moved those up to the front in case I need something quick and can’t think of anything to make.

I don’t know why, but I had a really hard time breaking up with these guys.

But eventually I decided to get rid of them completely. Out of sight, out of mind. On the plus side, I’ve been having Moroccan mint iced tea during the day and it’s really good. I forgot I had so many great teas in my pantry.

And finally, I reworked my grocery list so it has all things I’d like to see us buy regularly on it.

It’s such an easy thing to do – just make yourself a Word document with all the things you need from different departments and print out a few copies to keep posted on the fridge.

When I get some free time I’ll be reworking the recipe archive on here, too. Mike has some ideas for making it more user-friendly, so we’ll play around with it.

Hope you get to watch the Grammys tonight, and have a sweet, relaxing Valentine’s Day. I know we will!