Loving: more new foods

Have you ever tried kombucha?

It’s a fermented tea, which means it’s sort of like tea combined with soda or alcohol — a little fizzy, with a definite tang. The label even has to have a warning about the alcohol content. It took me a little to get used to the taste, but I did like it. It’s very low calorie, and has probiotics, so it should be good for digestion.

At the store Mike wanted to buy some carrot chips for snacks.

At first I was like, um, do we really need that many carrot chips? But then I started eating them, and they are awesome!

This week I’ve been making mini pizzas with these honey-wheat thin buns.

The combination of leftover shrimps, provolone, and pine nuts was really good.

We ate our little pizzas with spinach-strawberry salad.

It’s just the best combination. I used to think I didn’t like spinach as salad, but I’m coming around.

And my final discovery this week: roasted edamame.

I added a little cayenne pepper to mine, and they came out so good. I’ve been hearing edamame is a good alternative to tofu (which is pretty processed) in recipes, and this preparation has me sold.