The hike

The weather this week has been a complete reversal of last week — just beautiful and perfect. So I can finally show you the hike that I go on at least once a week.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to the base of the hill from my house, a nice walk through the neighborhood. Once you get to the start of the trail there’s a bit of an oh-shit moment. It looks like a sheer face you’re about to go up.

But the payoff happens pretty quickly. This is the view from partway up the trail.

Take a quick breather, then continue up the path.

That would be looking down from about 2/3 up the trail.

Believe it or not, we do actually experience spring here. There are all kinds of flowers blooming in bright colors right now.

I also found what I think is wild fennel.

By the time you get to the top you start to feel like you can see for miles.

There’s the perfect spot for a picnic under a tree.

By this point you’re getting fried in the sun. Then all the sudden it’s like you’re in Sherwood Forest.

You’re surrounded by giant trees with peeling bark. It’s smells amazing back in there.

Some of the trees are really gnarly.

If you need a rest, there’s a seat just for you.

Try not to get too paranoid about mountain lions (even though you just read about one in Redwood City!).

Then it’s back down the hill to civilization. I also thought I would point out the sign about keeping your dog on a leash that no one obeys.

Dog owners can be a little exasperating here. I’m all for dog friendliness, but if your off-leash dog causes some kind of problem, it makes us all look bad.

Anyway, on my way home I like to get landscaping ideas from other people’s yards. Some people have these amazingly manicured plants and rock gardens.

Maybe we need a bird of paradise.

Or a cactus.

Hopefully we’ll have oranges soon!

Sadly, these belong to a neighbor.


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    Beautiful hike! Much nicer than what we have here in Ohio at the moment 🙂

    We are considering moving to the area, and I am super worried about off leash dogs. My dog is good with people but not great with other dogs. I always keep her on leash when we are out walking. If an off leash dog runs up to her, things could get a little ugly. Has anything like that happened to you?

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    I’ve had an off-leash dog come up to my dogs while the owner was far off in the distance (at first I thought it was a runaway). It did something to make my dogs start growling and barking, but we moved on without incident. It just makes me nervous. I can control my dogs if they get cranky, but not someone else’s.

    I also notice people walking their dogs off-leash on residential streets. Usually it’s an older dog just trotting along, but not always. Sticking to paved pathways and trails or dog parks is probably best if you are worried. Usually it’s people that are more of a problem than dogs!