Hello, April

On this beautiful first week of April I am…


“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, finally.

I bought the whole trilogy, and I’ve queued the Swedish movies on Netflix so I can watch them as I finish the books. Excited!

I’ve spent the last month tackling “Infinite Jest,” which is a beast of a book.

It has over 100 pages of end notes, some of which have notes within them. I did enjoy it, moreso at the end when the whole story came together. But I still had to read a synopsis online to make sense of everything. I would recommend it, if for no other reason than reading it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. It’s also really funny. Bizarre, excessively tangental, full of words you’ve never seen before. It’s just fascinating. I can’t go as far as others and say it’s genius, but definitely fascinating.


Dilly-dijon egg salad
Slice two hard boiled eggs and mix with 2 tablespoons light mayo, 1 teaspoon dijon mustard, and a pinch of dill. Serve open-faced on a piece of grainy bread. Call it lunch.

Snacking on:

Cottage cheese with chocolate chips.

I know! It sounds wrong, but it’s a random adaptation of what I’ve always heard is the perfect post-exercise snack: chocolate milk. And it’s really good!

Trying out:

Groove Yoga. It’s a studio across from the CU campus and right by Mike’s office. I bought a Groupon for a really good deal. It sounds like they do Baron Baptiste-style power yoga and have a Bernese mountain dog in residence. Sounds good to me already!