My new favorite pizza

Our spinach and onion deep dish leftovers from Little Star Pizza.

This might even be my favorite pizza of all time. It just matches up with all my personal preferences.

First of all, the Little Star location nearest our house is always crowded, but not too crowded, and you can order your pizza while you’re waiting so it’s ready when you finally get a table.

Second, I love the decor. It’s full of salvaged wood, curvy hanging lamps, and antique-looking light bulbs. Whoever designed it really made an effort to make it feel modern but comfortable inside.

Third, the pizza is just damn good. The deep dish pies are smaller than most other places so you don’t feel like you’re eating your weight in bread. Plus there’s a ton of cornmeal mixed into the crust for extra crunch. There’s also plenty of cheese, and the sauce is just incredible. I hate to say it but it seems like there’s possibly something meaty in there adding to the depth of flavor.

Then on top they put a healthy sprinkling of powdered Parmesan cheese, which bakes into a crust. It’s just as good on day two, hot or cold, which is why we always get more than we need.

So there you have it, pizza love. Definitely try it if you’re ever in the area!