I don’t have a ton of pictures of myself from the past few years. I’m not terribly photogenic to begin with. And then you see enough images of your multiple chins and it’s like, OK, I’ll just pretend like that‘s not happening.

But I did find some outtakes from our engagement session that make for a good comparison of my before/after weight loss.

I can’t believe I’m putting this on the Internet. But I suppose it’s good motivation to stay fit.


Continuing with our pizza exploration we tried a fun place in Oakland called Pizzaiolo.

I love the atmosphere inside. It’s all rustic wood, vintage looking fans and light bulbs, and tiny flowers in Mason jars. If I had to design a restaurant, I’d probably come up with the same kind of concept. It’s just comfy.

Everyone who works there is interesting looking, like they could either be a model, a tattoo artist, or a professional cyclist when they’re not working there. Temescal can definitely be a bit tragically hip at times, but it’s still fun.

Taken with Mike’s iPhone, so it’s a little fuzzy.

Everything is pretty expensive here, but everything is also exceptionally well-sourced, and you can tell the owners care about what goes into their food/drinks. We had an arugula salad, a pizza with rapini and housemade sausage, and a lovely pot de creme dessert with rhubarb sauce.

This made me think of the time my friend Arin made rice pudding with rhubarb sauce. Yum.

The menu is so packed with foodie terminology that we had to get out our iPhone and translate several things. We learned that rapini is like broccoli rabe. This version was too bitter as a pizza topping, but the sausage was amazing. And I don’t usually love sausage (at least that I remember). To be honest, I’ve had better pizza of this variety, but this was definitely good.

Quick quiz. Do you know what these are? (all from Pizzaiolo’s menu)

• little gems
• tonnato
• Cottechino
• cardoons
• farro
• nettles
• sorrel

I’ll save you some Googling.

Little gems are a lettuce. Tonnato is a mayonnaise-y tuna sauce. Cottechino is a sausage. Cardoons are an artichoke-like vegetable that grows in stalks. Farro is a grain. Nettles are like spinach (they don’t sting when you eat them!). Sorrel is a leafy vegetable.

I feel like I got a total food education from this place! Maybe next time i go they’ll change the menu and I can learn some new foods.

A Fair to Remember

I know I’ve said here before that one of my favorite places in San Francisco is Columbus Avenue, with all its cute Italian restaurants, and my favorite bar, Vesuvio.

Well, in a bit of serendipity I got a message on Etsy saying that once a month there is a craft fair in the little alley right next to Vesuvio (Jack Kerouac Alley), and would I like to be in it?

Um, hell yes!

It’s called A Fair to Remember, and the next one is Sunday, May 22. Here are the details:

I’m super excited about this. It’s my first chance to sell my poufs on the west coast, and I want to see how it goes over. I’ll have a lot of other home-related goodies including crocheted hangers and cup cozies, too.

I’ll also be participating in the June event on the 19th, and then I’ll be at the Renegade Craft Fair July 9 & 10. I’m a little overwhelmed at the prospect of getting prepared for that one, but hopefully the other two will help me get inspired!