Happy plants

I have a new addition to my little front porch garden — a cherry tomato plant.

I am so happy to see that not only did the herbs I planted survive, but they seem really happy. The mint is already out of control.

And the cilantro is shocking me by growing even better than the basil.

I’m working on some more planter boxes, which I’ll show you soon. Then I need to mulch a couple of bare areas, and the garden should be all finished. I love having a garden of manageable size.

I am also loving this hazelnut half and half that I accidentally bought.

I meant to get the regular kind, but it turns out I love this stuff. It’s like creamer, but it’s actually real cream, and organic. As long as I only put in a little splash it’s not too sugary either.

This box of crackers may have fallen into the cart as well.

I can’t help it. How cute is their packaging?

I have been working on another project, which I will share with you soon, involving some giant poufs. I’ve had to get creative with my dyeing process since I can’t use the washing machine (it breaks up the rope) and it’s hard to find a container big enough. But I figured it out.

It was really funny to see the dyed rope all rolled up in giant balls.

Now I have to get ready for my first California craft fair this weekend. I am really hoping for cool, but not rainy weather.

Weekend eats

Mike had a three-day class in San Francisco and my sister came up from Orange County, so we’ve been explore/eating the last few days. Saturday morning we decided to hit the Ferry building market (where I totally spotted this celeb chef) so we could try some more things on our top 100 list.

I keep seeing porchetta on menus around here, so we hit up the RoliRoti stand to try a sandwich. It looked and smelled amazing, but it just didn’t taste that good to me. I will have to go another time to try the chicken/roasted potatoes combo.

Then we tried a korean taco, which was made with short rib pieces and rice inside a piece of seaweed. The filling was really tasty, but the seaweed kind of ruined it for me.

I gotta say, my favorite thing I ate that morning was the Blue Bottle waffle I split with Mike! That’s our secret to trying all these things without overdoing it — just get one of each and share.

I don’t have any photos from this, but we also tried a great place in Oakland called Noodle Theory. They have really delish noodle bowls (I tried tofu and garlic noodles), dumplings, and, randomly, gourmet sodas. I was completely ogling the sweet potato fries with dipping sauce at the table next to us. I could see this becoming a regular place for us. It’s just simple and tasty and not too expensive.

Sunday we went to the Mission and tried a Peruvian place called Limon. They have a lot of small plates, so we got to try chicharrones (phenomenal), empanadas (really good) and a seafood stew (just good).

At Limon these two girls sitting at the table next to us started talking to us, and we asked them where we should go for dessert. They recommended Bi-Rite Creamery, which is also on the top 100 list. So we stood in a very long line for their salted caramel ice cream.

It was a very good decision. Just look at this sundae!

We built our own with the salted caramel and brown butter pecan ice creams, hot fudge, toasted walnuts, and a slab of whipped cream. It was sinfully good. It’s hard to beat Tara’s, but I think it was actually better.

I continue to be wowed by the food culture here. Yes, there are trends and a lot of places do the same kinds of things, but they’re all so good!