Vintage wire baskets

Sadly, when I moved I had to get rid of my only vintage wire basket that I had been using to display items at craft shows.

I think that was a mistake. Looking around for new ones on Etsy I found that they are very expensive!

Locker baskets from Glasdeer’s shop.

Older baskets from blueflowervintage.

Plain basket from Glassnmore.

I am thinking either a gym locker basket or an egg basket would be perfect. Actually several of them would be perfect. People seem to love digging through containers — that’s why my suitcase has been so handy.

Black egg basket from LoveItBuyIt.

Red egg basket from moxiethrift.

For now I am putting my mom on the hunt for these, and I think I will go to the Berkeley or Alameda flea markets and see if I can find anything.

Or maybe the secret is ebay!