A Fair to Remember

I know I’ve said here before that one of my favorite places in San Francisco is Columbus Avenue, with all its cute Italian restaurants, and my favorite bar, Vesuvio.

Well, in a bit of serendipity I got a message on Etsy saying that once a month there is a craft fair in the little alley right next to Vesuvio (Jack Kerouac Alley), and would I like to be in it?

Um, hell yes!

It’s called A Fair to Remember, and the next one is Sunday, May 22. Here are the details:

I’m super excited about this. It’s my first chance to sell my poufs on the west coast, and I want to see how it goes over. I’ll have a lot of other home-related goodies including crocheted hangers and cup cozies, too.

I’ll also be participating in the June event on the 19th, and then I’ll be at the Renegade Craft Fair July 9 & 10. I’m a little overwhelmed at the prospect of getting prepared for that one, but hopefully the other two will help me get inspired!