My first SF craft fair

So, A Fair to Remember was on Sunday. I was really nervous for my first time vending in San Francisco, but really excited to be in such a cute spot.

People kept stopping to photograph the mural behind me.

Though I was expecting chilly and windy weather, I ended up actually getting fried in the sunshine. Go figure.

Jack Kerouac alley was flooded with tourists, cute couples, older ladies from Chinatown, and just about everyone else you could pack into the space. I could not stop staring at this person’s laundry floating above us. Can you imagine having your undies out there?

I was reminded once again that crafty people everywhere are wonderful and supportive of each other. In this picture you can see Abi, one of the organizers, with her cute vintage wares, and on the left is Errol, one of the ‘soap guys’ from Metaphor Organic.

I ended up getting some man soap for Mike. I was intrigued by their explanation of the chemical process of making soap. Apparently most soap you see in stores in not actually soap!

I learned a lot and met a lot of people. I am inspired to try making some new accessories.

Oh, and I just had to share a photo of the band that played for about an hour. They were awesome! The Paper Dolls play a mix of new and old songs on their ukuleles.

I love them and their stripey socks.