Mary Marie

Sometimes when people message me on Etsy they assume that I am the Mary behind Mary Marie Knits. Which is totally logical. But the real Mary is my grandmother, Mary Marie Mason, who is every bit as crafty and good at storytelling as I could ever hope to be.

Sure do love this lady.

But I also just wanted to share that I learned recently that her name comes from the name of a book, Mary Marie by Eleanor H. Porter.

It looks like you can even get it as a free ebook. Apparently my great-grandmother read this book and thought the name would be perfect for her daughter. Isn’t that sweet?

My mom and I were just talking about how much we love to read and always have. Apparently my grandmother told her that she felt the same way, and had gotten her love of reading from her grandmother. “She would just let her house go to pot while she sat and read a book!” as the story goes. I love it.

Currently reading: “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. What can I say? Doing two craft shows in Jack Kerouac Alley piqued my interest.


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    Erin says

    I think it is also neat that the book cover you posted looks amazingly similar to your Mary Marie knits sign!!