Starting over with food

I think I got a little cosmic intervention on my eating habits this week. The last few weeks I have been either traveling or preoccupied with craft fair stuff, and it’s put me off my usual meal planning, cooking, and exercise routines. We were eating out a lot. Then I got really sick.

I thought I had food poisoning because it was just the kind of violent sickness people describe. Disgusting. Then I got achy and feverish and couldn’t sleep. Everything hurt. Yesterday I thought I was going to just pop out of bed and be better, but I was really weak and had a caffeine headache from no coffee for 3 days.

Finally, I am better today. And of course now Mike is sick. I think it must be a virus or something I gave to him rather than food poisoning. Which is a huge relief because I am so tired of trying to figure out what it was that I ate. Now I am blaming all the kids at Harry Potter on Saturday night!

So my first meal back was applesauce. I’m slowly progressing past soup and saltines to real food. It actually feels kind of good to be starting over. Although I never, ever want to have that kind of forced cleansing again. Ever. I’m thinking about what I can make that will be good to my body. I feel hungry for the first time since Sunday.

Any suggestions for easy-on-the-stomach meals?