Road trip: Sunflower Caffe

We were feeling really cooped up and it was such a beautiful day on Sunday, so we decided to drive up to Sonoma for dinner. For some reason traffic was backed up on our usual route so we ended up taking a different road through the pastoral hills of those happy California dairy cows and assorted vineyards.

Our destination was the Sunflower Caffe, a cute coffee shop/wine bar/restaurant on the square downtown. We saw it on an episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and it looked really good.

It was just the cutest place, with a courtyard in back complete with gurgling fountain, string lights, and flowers.

Of course a sunflower-themed restaurant is always fun for a Kansas girl.

We got two huge glasses of wine and just relaxed.

Maybe someday we’ll have to join the snobby-ass wine club.

For dinner we split a lamb burger and tried a couple of appetizers.

These cheese-stuffed peppers with pistachios were amazing. I may have to try to recreate these sometime.

Sonoma is just the cutest town.

I think we have this fantasy of living in wine country someday and getting away from all the craziness of city life. When you consider it’s only like 45 minutes away, it doesn’t seem like such a wild idea.

Loving: Le Parfait jars

I’ve gotten kind of obsessed lately with organizing our pantry. We have so many random dry beans and flours and other assorted ingredients, and I’d like to see all the ones we use regularly sorted into some kind of system. I bought a bunch of cute red-lidded jars from World Market, but then I saw these Le Parfait jars at our awesome Ace Hardware and I just had to buy some.

These are two of the largest jars, but they have them in all shapes and sizes down to the littlest jelly jars. I’ve seen Weck canning jars all over design blogs lately, but I don’t want to have to keep track of the little metal clips. And I think the Le Parfait jars are much cooler looking with their scripty font.

Now that I am banned from buying any more bowls, I think I am definitely developing a glass jar habit.