Loving: Le Parfait jars

I’ve gotten kind of obsessed lately with organizing our pantry. We have so many random dry beans and flours and other assorted ingredients, and I’d like to see all the ones we use regularly sorted into some kind of system. I bought a bunch of cute red-lidded jars from World Market, but then I saw these Le Parfait jars at our awesome Ace Hardware and I just had to buy some.

These are two of the largest jars, but they have them in all shapes and sizes down to the littlest jelly jars. I’ve seen Weck canning jars all over design blogs lately, but I don’t want to have to keep track of the little metal clips. And I think the Le Parfait jars are much cooler looking with their scripty font.

Now that I am banned from buying any more bowls, I think I am definitely developing a glass jar habit.