Online reads

Speaking of reading, have you checked out Byliner yet? It’s a cool site that aggregates long-form journalism stories from past and present, including some original pieces like the one I bought, “Three Cups of Deceit” by Jon Krakauer.

I love that sites like Byliner and make it easy for you to find good writing. It’s one of the rare things that makes me feel good about my profession lately!

I don’t have an iPad or a Kindle yet, but I discovered that you can download a free Kindle app for your Mac and read stories that way.

There are also a bunch of new magazines that can be read online or on a portable device, and it seems like this is the first time that change has started gaining some traction. Check out Sweet Paul and Lonny. (Also check out Grace’s response to the NY Times craptastic article about these mags).

I certainly want to believe magazines have a future both in print and online. It seems like it’s become normal to read a digital book, but magazines and newspapers are still struggling to find their footing. I appreciate good writing in all forms and I’ll keep seeking it out.