Our travels

Even though Mike and I have only been married a year, we’ve actually been together for 7 years. And when I was going back through photos of us together I realized that although sometimes I think we are hampered from traveling by money woes or too much work, we’ve actually been a lot of places together!

Prince Edward Island, Canada – August 2008

Eureka Springs, Arkansas – October 2008

Grand Marais, Minnesota – January 2009

I’m usually a homebody, but I don’t think either of us can stand to stay in one place too long. And even when we don’t have the money for a big trip, we seem to find a lot of staycations to keep us occupied.

Chicago – March 2009

Ft. Collins, Colorado – May 2009

Barcelona – September 2010

Seville – September 2010

American Gothic House, Iowa – August 2007

I love how in so many of these pictures we have goofy expressions on our faces or are looking completely wind blown or freezing cold. Travel is about adventure, good or bad.

Big Sur – December 2010

Denver – June 2011

Fort Sumpter, South Carolina – July 2006

Muir Beach, California – December 2010

Green Mountain, Colorado – March 2005

We have about a mile-long list of places we still want to go. Now that we’re on the west coast, Alaska and Hawaii are high up on the list. I’ve already been to Alaska three times (thanks, Erin!), so I’m thinking Hawaii wins.

Newport, Rhode Island – August 2008

The Grotto of the Redemption, Iowa – May 2008

Somewhere in Mississippi (our proof we stopped there) – July 2006

At the top of Mt. Evans, Colorado – May 2009

Pella Tulip Festival, Iowa – May 2008