DIY coffee bean roasting

So while I was staying with Erin, she showed me how she roasts her own coffee beans in a popcorn popper. It’s actually really easy, and you learn how differences in the length of roasting time can vary the taste of your coffee. It’s kind of like wine snobbery for coffee.

You start with green coffee beans, which you can order from Sweet Maria’s.

You heat up the popcorn popper, then add a scoop of beans, and wait for it to do its magic.

As the beans heat up, the popper pushes off little shreds of the shell, and the beans eventually start to darken and make cracking noises. You can tell by the sound of the cracks how ‘well done’ your beans are.

After they’re done roasting you toss them back and forth between two strainers to cool them off a little, then let them sit and cool some more. By morning you’re ready to grind ’em up!

I can’t wait to get an air popper and try this myself. I want to have the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in my kitchen.