Food trucks!

Apart from a few random sightings of Oakland taco trucks, I hadn’t seen any food trucks parked around Berkeley since I moved here, and I knew there must be a collection of them somewhere. Finally, Mike told me that San Francisco’s food truck gathering, called Off the Grid, comes to Berkeley on Wednesday nights. In the gourmet ghetto, of course.

Last night we actually remembered to go check it out, and I’m so glad we did. Not only is it a really good selection of foodie options (burgers, falafel, cupcakes, Filipino dishes, tacos), but the crowd there is about the most perfect slice of Berkeley’s population I’ve ever seen gathered in one place.

Mike got a sandwich from the Filipino truck (not sure the name), and I got a fried chicken sandwich and red velvet whoopie pie from 3-SUM Eats. I know it was indulgent but that sandwich was life-changing! I’ve never had the one at Bakesale Betty, but it has to be up there with that one.

Cole slaw on a chicken sandwich = a good idea.

Sadly the whoopie pie was disappointing. Next time I will have to try the adorable Skylite Snowball truck. The fivetenburger truck was also calling.

Seeing the complete list of vendors that come to the SF event makes me want to put that one on my to-list for sure.

And while we’re on the subject of food trucks, I have to mention that our new favorite bar, the Hotsy Totsy Club in Albany, has a legit Oakland taco truck parked outside on weekend nights. So if you come to visit, add that to your to-do list, too!