Stitches, big and small

You know how I made a knit sign for vending at craft fairs? Well, I loved it, but I felt like it looked a bit like a kindergartener made it. So I decided to re-do the letters for Renegade. But after the show, I realized I needed to make over the whole theme of my booth to fit in with the modern, sort of minimalist design that goes with poufs. So my new sign looks like this.

I’m disappointed that I couldn’t fit the word “knits” on there, but those letters took FOREVER to make and I decided to just let them be. I love how if you look closely you realize everything is made of yarn. And I love how the letters resemble typewriter type.

Speaking of stitching on a canvas, I got this sweet anniversary present from my grandma.

I love all the different layers — it’s a more complex cross stitch than what I’m used to seeing. My favorite part is our names stitched in those itty bitty letters.