Tapas night

Last night we got to rediscover our favorite tapas from our honeymoon in Spain. Mike knew of a place in the Mission that has a good selection, so we tried it out, and it was fantastic.

The place itself was pretty no-frills, but it had the same casual atmosphere as tapas bars in Spain, and they even had a guy playing guitar right outside.

We got Estrella Damm and a glass of sangria, and I was bowled over to find that the wine was only about $4.50 a glass. You know I love SF, but drinks there are usually in the $8-$12 range, which adds up fast.

We’re always trying to find pimientos de padron, the little deep fried peppers we had in Barcelona, and they had them!

They were so good. And I loved that all the tapas were portioned small enough so you could try a lot of them. In Spain we actually had a problem finding them small enough for two (or at least we were too dumb to order them that way).

We also had patatas bravas with a tangy aoili (sorry for the bad photo, it was dark),

fried calamari, which I didn’t get a photo of, and little chorizo sausages, which were like the best lil’ smokies you’ve ever had.

It was another perfect way to mark our anniversary. And I will definitely go back to that place if anyone else wants to try authentic Spanish tapas.

As I was going back through my photos to see if I had pictures of tapas, I realized I had some more photos from Barcelona that I never got to share. So here you go…