Fall in California

There are a few signs that the seasons are changing here.

I got some flat pumpkins from Trader Joe’s. They make me happy.

My flowers are still blooming in all different colors.

And there are still tomatoes on the vine, although they are mostly green.

I bought some mums, but they died! However, my chives, thyme, and mint plants are all still doing very well.

On my walks it feels like summer and looks like spring. Unlike the summer, which was often chilly, fall is pretty warm. And flowers are blooming everywhere.

Every time I pass a fuschia plant I make a mental note to get one someday. They are too cool.

I love all the fruit trees. There’s a huge apple tree peeking out from behind the palms in this person’s yard.

Of course there’s all kinds of citrus fruit.

And figs!

Hands off, though…

There are berries, too.

I just noticed there’s a ladybug in there too.

I don’t know what the heck these are.

I even saw this guy selling fruit on a random corner.

I think strawberries are having a second season around here. They were only 89 cents a carton at the store last week.

There are spiders all over the place making the most incredible webs.

Palm trees still weird me out. But I will take them over shoveling snow.

And I will take this view anytime.

Well, after all of our walking, we are pooped.

But stay tuned — I have the most amazing recipe for chicken pot pie coming up!