Thanksgiving recipes

I realized I still have a lot of my family’s traditional Thanksgiving recipes yet to share with you, but until I get those up I thought you might enjoy a little recap of some recipes that would be great on your Thanksgiving table.

First off, these little spinach tartlets are my favorite appetizers of all time.

Toasted pumpkin seeds would also be good for pre-dinner or football-watching snacks.

I’ve never actually cooked a whole turkey before, but I do make a mean roast chicken, and I’m sure my recipes for stock and gravy would work with turkey.

Speaking of gravy, if you’re planning to make mashed potatoes you can use the version from my shepherd’s pie recipe. They are to die for, and go easy on the milk and butter.

If you want to lighten things up a bit you can make green beans with shallots instead of a creamy casserole.

Wild rice stuffed acorn squash makes a great guilt-free side or vegetarian main dish.

How about some homemade bread? This no-knead version is great for bread-baking newbies.

And if you saved any room for dessert, how about pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting,

or ridiculously easy apple tarts?

I always liked giving caramel apple favors to my guests, too.

After Thanksgiving you can make pot pie with your turkey leftovers.

And if you feel like you overdid it, you can always get back on track with a little green juice.

I for one can’t wait. I love Thanksgiving!