Things that are making me happy this week:

Trader Joe’s sparkling waters. These totally satisfy my need to drink something carbonated, since I’m trying to avoid soda. And they’re only $1!

Red tomatoes in December!

There’s only a few of them, but my plant is still hanging on.

The cutest takeout container. I got this at a Korean restaurant, and they sealed it up like it was a little Lean Cuisine or something.

Chicken tikka masala over turmeric rice with peas.

I’m obsessed with this dish at a local Indian place so I thought I’d take a stab at making it myself. I found a recipe on the Pioneer Woman, cut it in half, and it turned out really well. You can’t replace the smoky flavor of the tandoor oven, but by cooking the chicken under the broiler you can come close. The sauce was right-on in color and texture, but next time I would use less garam masala and a little more cumin. Still, yum!

I also got crafty and made a stocking for Sadie to match the one I made for Reggie.

Sadie’s features a turkey, as we discovered on Thanksgiving that she will knock down a whole turkey carcass when tempted. You can’t stop the hound nose.

And finally I leave you with my favorite song of the week – Shake it Out!