Days 3 and 4

Yesterday was day 3 of the cleanse. Neither one of us ever got a caffeine headache, which was awesome. I felt fantastic yesterday and pretty energetic today as well. I’ve pretty much eaten the same things both days.

Breakfast: blueberry-almond smoothie
Lunch: guacamole with rice crackers, one clementine
Snacks: hummus and carrots, pineapple
Dinner: Herbed chicken with brown rice and roasted zucchini. I just made this recipe without any parmesan cheese, and subbed some gluten-free tamari for most of the Worcestershire sauce)
Also: sparkling water with raspberries, pomegranate white tea

Still enjoying the colorful foods (apart from the beige chicken and rice)

By next week I’ll probably have had enough smoothies to be ready for juice breakfasts instead. We’re going to have a major veggie shopping trip to the grocery store this weekend.

Loving: post-Christmas edition

We have some new additions around the house, thanks to Christmas gifts.

Mike got this San Francisco poster, which we had custom framed. It’s huge!

When you get up close to it you can see all the details are actually words.

We also got a new small TV for our bedroom. Our old one was so ancient, when Mike pushed the power button it fell into the TV.

I also got a nice frame for my octopus flower print.

And some Merrell hiking boots from REI. They’re warm and comfy and waterproof.

Last but not least, I finally spent a whopping $8 to replace the totally non-functional Mac mouse I’ve had for like 3 years now. It works so much better it’s ridiculous.

January sale!

Last year I had a January sale in my Etsy shop and it worked out great, so I decided to do it again.

Just enter coupon code JANUARY when you check out and get 10% off your whole order!

I have a few things up my sleeve for 2012, so this is a chance for me to clear out the old and make way for fun new products. And don’t forget that you can buy the giant pouf pattern now.