Week 2 of the cleanse

I finally broke out the juicer. Now that we’re supposed to be having 2 liquid meals a day I’m having juice for breakfast. Mike has been having blueberry-almond smoothies because they stick with him a little better while he’s at work.

My “green” juices have been coming out mostly orange. I think it’s because my kale is kind of dry so it doesn’t produce much juice. Or maybe it’s because we got the HUGE bag of carrots at the store this week. Carrots are so cheap!

We also got a huge container of blueberries. Otherwise we end up buying multiple small containers or running out by like Thursday.

The other night I made salmon, just like I would normally make it. All you need is salt, pepper, and olive oil. I think I am getting better at perfecting the cooking time, so it’s so moist it doesn’t need any sauce.

Then last night I made this chicken stir-fry.

I marinated the chicken pieces in wheat-free tamari, sesame oil, agave nectar, garlic, and black pepper. Then I sauteed up some veggies before adding in the chicken/marinade to finish cooking. I can definitely see this being a go-to meal (with brown rice) even after the cleanse. And I kind of needed it because I’ve been getting bored already of eating the same things.

I haven’t been too hungry, but I have been craving all sorts of bad things like cupcakes and cheeseburgers. I think it takes a while to get over that when you’ve told yourself you can’t have something.

I also made some terrible gluten-free biscuits.

I wanted something carb-y that was not brown rice or quinoa. They were pretty soft in the middle but way too crumbly and sort of chalky tasting. If you know of any good gluten-free baking mixes I would love to hear about them.

I made a split pea soup and I’m thinking about making this curried lentil soup. I still have a huge piece of butternut squash so I may make a soup with that, too. I need more soup ideas!