Halfway through the cleanse

So, two weeks in and the good news is, I haven’t quit yet! I’ve lost not quite 5 pounds, in fact. But I’ve definitely entered the boredom stage, so I’ve been trying to squeeze in some new recipes.

I tried steaming fresh artichokes for the first time. I had saved an article from Real Simple about how to do that, and it was really helpful. Once they were cooked, I took out the hearts and used them to make an artichoke pesto.

It was really tasty, and I probably should have just spread it on some rice crackers and eaten it like that. But I decided to spread it on chicken breasts instead. It made a lovely sauce, but it tasted very meh. Kind of a disappointment.

Next I’m going to try Joy’s vegan broccoli soup. I still love my butternut squash and curried lentil soups, but I need something new.

I can’t help but think it looks a little like baby food.

Our saving grace has been rice noodle soups from a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. I’m sure they don’t pass the clean test 100 percent, but they are so soothing and flavorful.

I’ve also been enjoying faux Sprite — just organic lime juice squeezed into sparkling water.

In other news I’ve been working on some new products for 2012. I’m going to make these tiny crochet bowls with cotton/hemp yarn. They’re so cute, and perfect for storing random earrings and things.

And then I ordered some wool roving so I can experiment more with making my own giant yarn.

I am super excited and kind of nervous about this. I hope it works!