Road trip: Point Bonita lighthouse

Mike had a three-day weekend and the weather was unseasonably warm and pleasant (well, 65 degrees instead of 55), so we decided to get outside on Saturday. It kind of turned into a things-we-can’t-believe-we-haven’t-done-yet trip. But we just went with it.

Greatest. Sign. Ever.

Our destination was the Point Bonita lighthouse, which is pretty close to the Golden Gate bridge in the Marin headlands. We were hoping for a nice hike with some picturesque views, and that’s exactly what we got.

After a short hike you walk through this creepy tunnel to get out to the lighthouse.

When you emerge you find yourself on this beautiful point with waves crashing up against the shore.

You can’t actually get to the lighthouse because of construction, but you can get close enough to see it.

There were all sorts of plants just growing right out of the rocks there.

And next to the trail, daffodils!

Nearby there’s an old fort you can climb around.

There’s actually quite a bit of military history in that area. If you’re nerdy like us, you can read all the signs about it.

Or just enjoy the views.

After that we decided to drive around a little more and we discovered all of these scenic overlooks where you can get great photos of yourself with the bridge in the background.

After that we were like, why don’t we get even closer? So we crossed the bridge into San Francisco and started walking from the marina to the base of the bridge. It was at this point that I started saying I can’t believe we haven’t done this before!

There’s a great beach full of kids and dogs. Then there’s a marsh full of shorebirds to watch.

And as you walk along the path (this is the Crissy Field area), the views just get better and better.

We just happened to be there around sunset so the light was amazing.

Once you get to the base of the bridge you can go inside Fort Point and see more military displays.

Or you can go straight to the top, where you are basically underneath the Golden Gate bridge.

Even though we were pretty exhausted from all the walking, we walked alllll the way back to our car, enjoying the sunset.

We were definitely feeling very lucky to live in the bay area. Next time maybe we’ll even walk across the bridge!

There are actually a lot more things I still want to explore in the city. Sometimes it’s fun to just play tourist.


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    Kathy Mason says

    Love the pics! Your hair looks great, and I can see you are skinnier already! I want to take this hike next time I’m there. Or possibly walk across the bridge.