Snacking on…

This week I’ve been eating the yummiest snack in the afternoons. It’s just a brown rice cake smeared with a little almond butter and drizzled with agave nectar. The agave is a little runny, so it’s actually better if you mix it into the almond butter first.

I guess I don’t have a photo of the broccoli soup we’ve been eating, but we liked that a lot, too. I have no illusions about it being the same texture as a regular cream soup (even if our blender is the problem), but it tasted great.

This week it seems like we’ve settled into a routine and we’re not thinking as much about the foods we’re missing. It’s supposed to be rainy and gloomy the next few days, so we probably won’t want to do anything but curl up with a bowl of soup and a cup of tea anyway.