Umami Burger

The other day I was putting together a list of restaurants I want to try in LA (I have a couple of upcoming trips there), and I came across the website for Umami Burger. Where I noticed that not only did this restaurant look amazing, but there was one location in San Francisco!

After more than a month of extremely calculated and healthful eating, Mike and I decided to treat ourselves to a date night of not worrying about calories. It was heavenly!

We had an hour wait for a table (the first time I’ve ever put my name and number into an iPad and received a text when my table was ready), so we walked through the neighborhood exploring the cool midcentury furniture shops and cupcakeries of Union Street. When we finally got to sit at the bar, I noticed the really cool hanging lamps that looked like they were made from hand-blown glass. I love the effort that San Francisco restaurants put into their decor. It really makes the experience so much more special.

Anyway, Mike decided to order the Umami burger with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a parmesan cake and I got the Cali burger, which is sort of like an upscale In-N-Out burger, and sweet potato fries.

Yes, even the buns were stamped with their logo.

Oh my gosh, were they fantastic. Just perfectly cooked and so flavorful with the combinations of toppings. We savored those burgers like you cannot believe. If you want a great burger in Berkeley you can’t do much better than Barney’s, but this was in a class all its own.

But before I could polish off the burger, I paused when I saw the bartender scooping up the most divine looking ice cream sandwich. I had to have one. We ended up splitting one with chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. It was so, so good.

So, next time you’re in SF or LA, put Umami Burger on your to-do list!