Sauteed corn and poblanos

I actually made three dishes from Real Simple’s Mexican Dinner Party Menu, and they were all really good. But I think my favorite was actually this humble corn and poblano pepper salad. I followed the recipe, except that I had a 16-ounce package of frozen corn instead of two 10-ounce packages.

I had half a tub of cream cheese in the fridge, and I thought it might taste good to add a dab of that to the corn salad. I was right! But it certainly doesn’t need anything extra. If you saute the corn, red onions, and peppers long enough to get them a little caramelized, they are really flavorful.

Love those colors!

The full menu. 

Poblanos can be a little bitter, so I think the salad would also be really good with red bell peppers (or really any color pepper) instead. It’s perfect for summer, so I can see us making it as a side with something on the grill. We bought a smoker, so there’s another foodie challenge for us to take on.

What we’ve been up to

It’s beautiful out today, but the last couple weeks have been very rainy. It’s like our winter waited until Spring to arrive.

I just finished reading the Hunger Games. I thought it was a little kooky, but good in terms of suspense. I think we’ll probably go see the movie — I love Jennifer Lawrence.

Is anyone reading the 50 Shades trilogy? Why is everything a trilogy?

The dogs used the crappy weather as an excuse to cuddle. This lasted about 5 minutes.

I used some downtime to makes lots of little crocheted bowls. I just think they’re so cute!

We tried a couple of new restaurants. After our discovery that currywurst is becoming a thing, we went to the Rosamunde Sausage Grill in San Francisco. It’s not currywurst, but it does have a really nice selection of sausages and toppings.

The Haight St. location is absolutely tiny and people were crammed into every available inch of space. But the woman manning the grill managed every order without getting overwhelmed.

We tried the beer sausage, the merguez (spicy lamb and beef), and the wild boar. If I’m remembering correctly, the wild boar was actually my favorite. Who knew?

Then another night we had a groupon for Home of Chicken and Waffles in Oakland. The place is a little shabby inside, but the food was a-maze-ing.

It really felt like a grandmother’s recipe for classic soul food. We tried the mac ‘n cheese and some greens, too. Everything was delish. Then afterward we walked around Jack London Square a little bit, which we really haven’t done before. I’d like to check out their farmers market some weekend.

This weekend we heard there was going to be a Goat Fest at the Ferry Building. Goat cheese samples and tiny goats to pet? Yes, please!

The garden grows

Our little front porch garden was looking pretty dead up until recently. First, I noticed some tiny mint leaves poking up through the soil.

Then I got really excited when I noticed a little gerbera daisy starting to open.

I have planted them numerous times, but they never seem to grow back. Finally!

I also love the little flowers that are coming out of the succulents.

We went to the garden store to get some replacements for last year’s annuals. This year I got daisies to plant in the ammo box. It’s just funny to me to put such happy flowers in there.

We got a cherry tomato plant, too. I just moved it to a different spot that gets more sun, so maybe it will produce more this year.

I planted impatiens in various colors in the rest of the pots.

I’d really like to get a strawberry pot, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with how the garden grows. It’s nothing compared to what our garden used to be, but it’s also incredibly low-maintenance. Since we’re blessed with such an abundance of local produce I don’t feel as much pressure to grow it myself.