56 Up

Have you guys seen the Up series? I’ve confessed my love for documentaries before, but the Up series is kind of the ultimate. It’s been following a bunch of British people (of various socio-economic backgrounds) since they were 7 years old. Every 7 years another film is released, and usually most of them participate. It is fascinating! You get really caught up in their lives, rooting for some of them to be successful in their careers or get married, etc.

So I was excited to hear that the next film, 56 Up, is coming out in May. At the time I watched them, only some of the DVDs were available on Neflix instant, but now it looks like they all are. So you should definitely watch them if you haven’t. You will be hooked!


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    This looks really interesting! I’d never heard of it. Also, totally jealous of your BBQ friends. Wish I was there!