The garden grows

Our little front porch garden was looking pretty dead up until recently. First, I noticed some tiny mint leaves poking up through the soil.

Then I got really excited when I noticed a little gerbera daisy starting to open.

I have planted them numerous times, but they never seem to grow back. Finally!

I also love the little flowers that are coming out of the succulents.

We went to the garden store to get some replacements for last year’s annuals. This year I got daisies to plant in the ammo box. It’s just funny to me to put such happy flowers in there.

We got a cherry tomato plant, too. I just moved it to a different spot that gets more sun, so maybe it will produce more this year.

I planted impatiens in various colors in the rest of the pots.

I’d really like to get a strawberry pot, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with how the garden grows. It’s nothing compared to what our garden used to be, but it’s also incredibly low-maintenance. Since we’re blessed with such an abundance of local produce I don’t feel as much pressure to grow it myself.