Loving: snails!

Northern California has a pretty thriving snail population. The other day I woke up on a rainy morning and there were snails on pretty much every surface of the front porch.

I am totally fascinated by them. I suppose I could probably gather them up and have them for dinner, but that just seems wrong.

It’s bad enough when you’re walking somewhere and you hear that unfortunate crunch under your shoe.

In other news, I bought a stuffed squirrel for the dogs and Reggie carries it everywhere like it is her new best friend.

“Step away from my squirrel.” 

I also put our sun jar out in the backyard for a little extra light, and I love how it glows back there.

And most importantly, Mike just got back from visiting our new little neice Grace. Apparently she likes the blanket I made for her.

Those cheeks!

New pattern shop

Now that I don’t sell recycled crafts and vintage anymore, my old Etsy shop has just been sitting empty for months. So I decided to turn it into my pattern shop. Thankfully Etsy finally decided to start letting people change their shop names, so it’s now caracorey.etsy.com.

I also finally got together a pattern for rope rugs. I put it on Ravelry too. And while I was at it, I finally put some of my projects into official patterns there. Organizational success!

I realized that if I am going to do this crafty thing for a living I better own my job as a knitting/crochet designer. It feels weird to be mostly putting journalism behind me. But that’s what I’m doing. And guess what? Almost 20 patterns sold since yesterday. Not too shabby.