My first strawberries

In all of our gardening pursuits we’ve never grown a single strawberry. And that’s just wrong. A couple weeks ago we got a strawberry pot and a few plants and just figured we’d see what happened.

They’re looking really good so far. It’s been dry as a bone around here, but I’ve been trying to water the plants daily.

Can’t wait until they turn red! I noticed some tomatoes forming over there, too. And for some reason a blood-red iris plant just bloomed. All of our other irises are bright white/yellow, so this one really stands out.

Last weekend we finally put our smoker to use. Mike made a brisket that turned out really, really well.

I can’t believe I grew up 45 minutes from Kansas City and had to come all the way to California to have burnt ends. I am thinking next time I go home I want to do a tour de barbecue restaurants.