Succulent flowers

I was just noticing how all of the succulents in our garden have little flowers on them now. Some of them are really cool looking.

The chives are also full of flowers. I love the little purple pom poms.

I ended up buying a new mint plant and have already used it for mint juleps. I can’t believe I killed a mint plant. How is that possible?

I finally figured out that the orange flowers you see everywhere are California poppies, and they’re the state flower.

All the blooming flowers are making my allergies return.

In Iowa, I used to have allergies severe enough that I had to take 3 medications. After a year and a half sneeze-free, I’m definitely feeling it now.

Speaking of flowers, the place where I had my craft fair last weekend has the most amazing outdoor courtyard full of blooms.

It is such a cool setting for a show. Definitely my favorite.

This was my setup. I bought the umbrella on sale at Target the day before, and it was a total lifesaver.

I didn’t sell much (it was way too hot), but I definitely had a good time. The wall behind me had this tiny door that opened to a tiny window to the street.

The most amazing part is that this place is someone’s house! The people who live there are architects who remodeled a dingy apartment building into the coolest living space. Definitely magazine photoshoot worthy.


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    Kathy Mason says

    It’s a good thing you took pictures, because that place is indescribably beautiful! And I love your new umbrella, what a great addition.