June happenings

May was kind of a nutty month. I had a ton of orders (which was awesome!) and most for rope knit items that also needed to be dyed. Days were busy busy busy. I had a package fall off a FedEx truck and thankfully be found by a very nice old man who wanted to help me get it to the right person.

June has felt like a reprieve in comparison. I did get called for jury duty, but the trial only lasted 3 days, and sales have slowed down enough that it wasn’t a problem.

I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice in my free time. I have all these classic books that I have never actually read, so I figured it was time for a little Jane Austen.

I got my first strawberries out of the garden. They grew so easily I am thinking of planting more in the future.

I made egg salad with fresh dill from my herb garden. For some reason slicing the eggs in rounds makes it seem more sophisticated.

Mike doesn’t like watermelon, so I found a small one at the store that was just my size.

I busted Sadie hiding under a pillow fort. She is the queen of burrowing.

Oh, and if you haven’t tried Sonia Kashuk’s nail polish, you totally should. Not only are the colors great, but the polish stays on really well with hardly any chipping.

We’ve gotten to that point in the year when it stops raining for several months. It’s sunny and warm now, but soon the morning fog will start rolling in every day. So for now, I’m enjoying dappled sunshine, Jane Austen and pink toenails as much as I can.