Even more good eats

I cleared out some photos from my iPhone and now I have even more good restaurants to share with you.

First is Daimo, a Chinese restaurant that’s right next to the pan-Asian mall in Richmond. We heard it was good and decided to check it out on a Friday night. Big mistake! It was mega crowded and totally chaotic. But once we got our food we were in love. So the next time we went there on a Thursday, and it was practically empty.

Chow mein with prawns.

Chicken with string beans.

I should have taken a photo of the potstickers, but we ate them too fast. There are definitely some more adventurous things on the menu we’ll have to try in the future. The best part is, when you’re finished with dinner, you can go into the mall and get a cream bun.

Another place we really liked was Everett and Jones barbecue in Oakland. We had so-so takeout at their Berkeley location, but decided to give the sit-down restaurant a try. It was significantly better. Service was a little iffy, but we loved the spicy barbecue sauce, the tender brisket, and all the sides.

I love how the potato salad tasted like pickle juice. Just like my grandma made it!

Plus, I am a sucker for a place that serves lemonade in Mason jars.

Also a sucker for a man in a plaid shirt. 

And lastly, we went to the Anchor Oyster Bar in the Castro for some seafood. You have to try this place. It is such a gem. It is absolutely tiny — one of the smallest restaurants I’ve ever been to. So you’re guaranteed a wait. But while we waited in the chilly weather a guy brought us samples of their tasty clam chowder.

So many people who had written their names down ended up leaving, so I think we got bumped way ahead on the list and didn’t end up waiting that long. The food was a little slow to come out, but it was worth the wait. And you have to give a little slack to a packed place with only 4 employees.

Mike got a combination of different types of oysters, huge shrimp cocktail, and a big bowl of clams in broth, all for $20. He had to get extra bread 3 times because he didn’t want to leave any broth behind (which was quite impressive to one of the waiters).

I had scallops over mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. I never order scallops, but they just sounded good, and they were really good. We also got some crab cakes for an appetizer. Everyone else’s food looked good, too. You can tell they really try to stay seasonal and fresh and local with their ingredients.

I want to go back to all these places, but I’m actually more inspired to go out and keep finding more good restaurants to try. There are just so many around here! I could never get to them all. But I’ll sure try.