Bacon corn hash

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a recipe on Smitten Kitchen and been like ohmigodihavetomakethatrightnow! But this definitely fell into that category. You’ve got to love a 5-ingredient recipe, and especially one that involves bacon and an oozy egg yolk on top.

I pretty much followed her instructions to the letter. The only thing I changed was to add about half a chopped onion — it seemed wrong to make a hash without onion — and a chopped, seeded jalapeno.

I was very excited to finally use this technique for scraping corn off the cob.

The corn I got at the grocery store was surprisingly good. It costs a little more here than it does in Iowa, but it was worth it. Since we’re having what’s close to a real summer here, weatherwise, I was craving corn on the cob even before this recipe came along.

Mike and I both loved how this recipe turned out. It’s great for those breakfast-for-dinner nights. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.