Some more good eats

I just found some old pictures on my camera that I forgot to share with you. The first one is from what has become one of our go-to restaurants in the East Bay, Talavera.

Their pumpkin seed mole guajillo (above) is to die for. I always get it with pork, sometimes in a plate, sometimes in a burrito. You can’t possibly eat one of their burritos in one sitting, so I always get to eat it twice! They also have great homemade chips and guacamole, homemade salsas, and horchata to drink. I love the pickled veggies they serve with everything, too.

The other photo is from Gott’s Roadside, inside the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I’ve always wanted to try it, so one Friday night we finally did.

I got a burger, Mike got a hot dog, and we both split onion rings and a shake. They were all delicious. I like that Gott’s cares a lot about how they source the food (how very SF), and I also liked how much outdoor seating they had. We were entertained by a car getting towed out front for parking in a bus zone, and then as soon as it was gone another car pulled into the spot.

Normally I’d say that if you were in the Ferry Building, try some of the more gourmet options like the Slanted Door. But if you’ve been doing a lot of walking/touristy stuff and just want to sit and eat something filling and good, you can’t go wrong with Gott’s.