Dog beach!

Over the weekend we decided that instead of taking the dogs to the dog park like we normally do, we would take them to one of the dog beaches in the area. We picked Fort Funston because it was just over in San Francisco, and because it’s a well-known spot for hang gliding, which sounded cool (to watch, that is).

People literally launch off the side of a cliff and zoom around the beach overhead. It looked like a lot of fun.

It was a little treacherous to get down to the beach. We had to maneuver down this sandy path, and then of course maneuver up it on the way back. But it was totally worth it. The dogs loved it. And a day by the ocean wasn’t too bad for us either.

I didn’t think we could get Sadie to go in the water, but she dipped her toes in.

We found a stray ball, and she loved playing catch with it. Reggie is a big fan of water so it was no problem to get her in.

We probably could have stayed a really long time (the dogs seem to have endless energy when they have their freedom), but then Sadie discovered that she could chase birds down the beach and disappear from sight. So we had to call it a day. But I think we’ll definitely do this again.