Vegan soul food

I have been wanting to try Souley Vegan for a long time. So when a vegan friend of Mike’s was in town, we had the perfect excuse. As you can probably guess from the name, they serve all-vegan soul food in a big space in the Jack London Square area of Oakland.

I tried the southern fried tofu sandwich, which was really good. It can be tough to make a block of tofu taste good, but they managed it with a crispy cornmeal crust. Plus, the sandwich was big and hearty, much more than I expected. I could barely get my mouth around it!

Mike got the grits with gumbo and southern fried tofu, while our friends tried some of the other sides. The mashed potatoes and cornbread looked good — I’ll have to try those next time, along with the BBQ tofu — the mac ‘n cheese less so. Maybe that’s just something that is tough to make vegan. We loved the fried okra, but thought the sweet potato fries (really chips) were so-so. Their specialty lemonades and cupcakes looked really yummy.

Overall, I’m so impressed with an entire restaurant devoted to vegan food, although you definitely don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to appreciate it.