Feta couscous salad & more goodies

This week has been one of those weeks when a bunch of stupid stuff happens that just stresses me out. Thank goodness for the election and newborn babies. Otherwise I think I might have gone nuts.

I have had some luck with recipes, though, and I wanted to share some of them with you. The first is a super easy side dish that goes great with boxed falafel mix, if you need a quick dinner.

Feta couscous salad
adapted from Cooking Light

1 cup water
2/3 cup dry couscous
1 cup grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
3/4 cup feta cheese
1/3 cup chopped walnuts (or you could use pine nuts)
1 teaspoon dried basil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup light balsamic dressing (I like Newman’s Own)
1 cup baby spinach leaves, cut into ribbons

Bring the water to boil in a small saucepan. Then add the couscous, cover and remove from heat. Let sit for 5 minutes, then fluff with a fork. Move the couscous to a big bowl and let it cool for a few minutes. Then add the remaining ingredients and toss to combine.

I also really enjoyed these salmon tacos I saw on a Cup of Jo. I got some colorful heirloom cherry tomatoes, which made a gorgeous salsa.

I followed the recipe exactly. The only thing I had to change was cooking the salmon an extra 10 minutes because I had thick fillets. I will definitely be making this again.

But the best recipe of all was this chicken pot pie with cream cheese and chive biscuits from Joy the Baker. Wow, was it good. This picture does not do it justice.

The biscuits alone are fantastic. Using cream cheese in place of some of the butter is genius, and really does add another element of flavor to them. They were also super easy to roll out. I still like Heidi Swanson’s yogurt biscuits, but they take a little more time.

For the filling I used 2% milk instead of whole and got a soupier consistency than I would have liked. But it was still great. Maybe it’s not a true pot pie if it has biscuits rather than a baked-on top, but I have to say I like this recipe even better than Ina’s veggie pot pie, which is damn good.