7 months

Those newborn blocks are coming up fast! Where did the last month go?

Thankfully I passed my glucose test and everything else is going well. (Side note: If you have to have the 2-hour glucose test with fasting, in which you cannot leave the whole time and the bathroom is locked, pray that you don’t have to be squeezed in a tiny waiting room next to a 300-pound man who reeks of pot.)

At least I can still see my feet.

I feel pretty good, though more tired as time goes on. After last weekend’s craft show I was totally beat and I had swollen ankles for the first time. Renegade will definitely be a challenge this year, but I am so excited for it.

I bought a whole bunch of maternity tank tops at Old Navy with a 30% off coupon last weekend. They are so comfy and great for layering. I pretty much don’t have any clothes left that fit that aren’t maternity at this point. I hope they last me two more months!

I will wear this puffer as long as it zips!

I’m starting to be able to feel lumps in my belly that feel like an arm or a foot, but I can’t quite identify them yet. We’ve switched from baby TV to the identify-that-body-part game. She kicks hard now, but I still love it. Pregnancy is definitely one of the coolest things that’s ever happened in my life (and strangest and most mysterious and most uncomfortable).

My belly button hasn’t quite popped out yet, but it is trying to. The scar I had left from having a belly button ring (oh yes) is now about an inch above where it used to be. Sexy.

We’re just starting to put together the nursery, piece by piece. I’ll have some photos for you when it looks a little better. Random question – did you get a bumper for your crib? Is this some kind of suffocation hazard? We were trying to pick one out and then saw these mesh-y ones that are supposedly safer and now I don’t know what the heck to get. These are the dilemmas these days. 🙂