All the babies

And now for your much-delayed Thanksgiving recap.

First, we flew to Minneapolis and then drove on to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to stay with Mike’s family. (And it only took one car ride, two trains, one bus, two planes, and another car ride to complete our trip, yeesh.) I finally got to meet my niece, Grace, who is now 8 months old and impossibly adorable.

I learned many things about babies at this age, such as: they love crinkly things, they put everything in their mouths, they crawl fast (and thus can really use a pair of baby legwarmers!), and they will put their drool-y hands all over your face, and that’s OK.

I mean seriously. Who could resist?

We had another shower where we acquired several cloth diapers (woo hoo!) and lots of other sweet goodies. And of course we ate all the Wisconsin essentials.

Before we flew to Kansas we had to make a stop at our friends’ place in Minneapolis to meet their new baby, Aldo. At just 2 1/2 weeks, he was so tiny I was afraid I would break him. But we all got to hold him while we learned about how little sleep we’ll be getting in a few months.

Also learned: little babies really will scratch their faces with teeny fingernails. Ouch!

In Kansas my mom loaded us down with more baby clothes and my dad with things from his house since they’re moving to Colorado. We succeeded in bringing all of these items home with the bag-in-a-bag technique (pack an extra one inside your checked bag), which I highly recommend for holiday travel. We flew Southwest home, so it was all free.

At my cousin’s house in KC, we had Thanksgiving #2. Man, it was good.

She and her husband just had their baby girl 5 weeks earlier, so we got to hold little Isla, too. It was fascinating to see how much babies change in just a few weeks. She was pretty patient with us all banging pots and pans and passing her around until she reached maximum stimulation. Then people, including my Aunt Lark (chef extraordinaire) took turns keeping her moving.

Note to self: get these.

We learned so much about what to buy/not to buy there that I redid a bunch of our registry when we got home. Having so many new parents in our life is infinitely helpful right now. Also, how amazing is the aptly named Buy Buy Baby?

Speaking of baby things, I have to show you this picture of Sadie, who decided the giant box our playpen came in would make a good bed for her. We found her sitting in the box after she had ruffled the paper inside to her liking.

Now we are back, listening to the rain and getting ready for craft shows. And maybe we’ll get out the Christmas decorations one of these days!