Baby blankets

I finally made something for my own baby! I finished my first baby blanket for her, and I love how it turned out.

Though I am not usually too crazy about pink, I like the combination of pink and brown, so I went with that. It hardly took any time to knit the blanket and crochet the edges.

I am pretty much guaranteed to never have to buy a baby blanket, as we have received many beautiful ones already.

Every member of this household must know to cheer for the Jayhawks.

Just look at the hand-stitching on this quilt from my friend Amy.

I also received the loveliest print from my friend Brianne. She knows I love me some vintage Pyrex bowls.

I thought it deserved a place right above the cookbooks. As for my Pyrex collection, it will have to find a new spot in our home since it currently lives in the nursery-to-be.