38 weeks

T-minus two weeks until baby. But really it could be any time in the next four weeks. So far everyone in my Bradley class that was due before me has gone past their due dates, some by more than a week. Even though we all knew that was a possibility, I don’t think anyone is dealing with it well. There is definitely a point of pregnancy fatigue.

I feel like I am getting comically round now. Sometimes I catch sight of myself in a mirror and I can’t believe that’s what I really look like. A Target employee practically chased me down an aisle the other day to offer me a cart for the things I was carrying. Finally, good service!

Mike and I have checked a whole bunch of items off our to-do list in the last few weeks. We did tour the hospital, which was, well, hospital-y. They deliver an average of 16-18 babies a day! (It used to be 24, but I guess people have fewer babies now.) I was glad to know that the hospital nursery is virtually a thing of the past, as pretty much everyone rooms in now. And they advocate a lot of the things that are important to us — changing positions out of bed, using the tubs/showers, skin-to-skin contact — and “not just because we are hippies in Berkeley”, according to our tour guide.

We’ve packed a bag and the car seat is in the car. The crib should arrive early next week, along with a bunch of other stuff we ordered for the nursery. I’ve put off closing my etsy shop because I haven’t felt the slightest signs of labor. But pretty soon I’ll have to say that’s it. I have plenty of other things to work on, and pattern sales are giving me a little extra income.

I’ve had a few days of feeling really exhausted, really heavy and puffy and just out of sorts. But I seem to have come through that and now I have at least intermittent energy and I’m getting around OK. I’m still hot all the time (and hungry and thirsty), but I think that’s normal. My midwife assures me that I won’t get a break from that for a while, as soon I’ll have a “milk factory” on my chest. I can’t get over how extraordinarily hard a pregnant woman’s body works. I just have to be thankful for mine.

Any guesses on when this baby will come?